NATCA's Structure

NATCA's Structure and National Committees


National Executive Board

  • President
  • Executive Vice-President (sometimes referred to as the Secretary-Treasurer in other Unions)
  • 10 Regional Vice Presidents


National Standing Committee

Constitution Committee Finance Committee
Safety Committee Legislative Committee
Organizing Committee



What Exactly is a Local?

  • Locals are chartered by the NEB and therefore possess delegated representational authority.
  • A Local should, but if they don't adopt a Constitution and By-laws then the National document governs the local.
  • Local officers are President, VP, Secretary and/or Treasurer. The Local Constitution may have provisions for other officers or for the combination of offices.
  • Officers are elected by the local members in good standing for a maximum term of 3 years w/o term limits.


Typical Local Structures

  • FacRep/President
  • Executive head of the local
  • Maintain contact with RVP and National Office
  • Sign checks
  • Oversee Local committees
  • Brief new employees on the Union
  • Primary delegate for convention
  • Vice-President
  • Assist the President in the discharge of duties
  • Act in the President's stead during absence
  • Perform other appropriate duties assigned



  • Keep a record of all Local proceedings
  • Take attendance and record minutes
  • Maintain availability of records for members
  • Maintain a contact list
  • Ensure National office is informed of changes
  • Maintain file of Local records


  • Keep a record of all financial transactions
  • Sign Checks
  • File the yearly LM and IRS form(s)
  • Keep records available for inspection

Other National Committees

  • National Air Safety Investigator Committee
  • National Airspace & Area Navigation/performance Based Navigation Committee
  • NATCA Benefits Committee
  • Drug & Alcohol Committee
  • National Election Committee
  • Employee Assistance Program Committee
  • National Realignment Committee
  • NATCA Historical Committee
  • National Information Technology
  • National Occupational Safety, Health & Environmental Committee (OSHA)
  • National Office of Worker Compensation Program Committee (OWCP)
  • NATCA Reloaded Committee
  • NATCA RNAV Committee