Why Labor?

Category: Convention 101

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Throughout our history, American labor unions have been at the forefront of the fight for employees' rights, such as sick leave, overtime pay, and child labor laws. With those battles won years ago, many have asked why in this day and age do we even need labor unions anymore?


The answer is simple. You need a labor union because your future depends on it.  


Without the power and leverage that NATCA brings to the table, you would not be viewed and treated as a highly respected, highly trained professional. Without this Union you would be seen as just another number, another piece of machinery to be disposed of when management no longer sees a need for you. To them you would be replaceable.


When you speak with only one voice, they can drown you out, threaten you, or replace you without hesitation. But when you speak with the power of more than 15,000 voices, there is no choice but to pay attention and to give you the respect that you as a professional deserve.


The reason you have the opportunity to be heard and to be counted is because you have NATCA behind you. As a member of this Union you have a say in the future of your career, your profession and in this organization. You also have the chance to be involved in important safety and environmental decision-making in your facility. This kind of collaboration was not established by the agency overnight because they felt like it. It took years of hard work and negotiations by countless NATCAvists. It is because of labor that you have the ability to affect real change in not only your workplace but in the entire National Airspace System.