Convention 101

Brush up on Convention Rules and Regulations

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So why do we even need labor unions in this day and age? The answer is simple. You need a labor union because your future depends on it. 

National Convention shall be the Supreme Body with full and complete authority over all the affairs of the Union.

Only duly elected delegates or their alternates may conduct the business of the Convention. Any member in good standing may attend the Convention and speak on any issue.

From preparing resolutions to debate on the convention floor, learn the basic DOs and DON'Ts of conducting convention business.

Learn more about Robert's Rules of Order before you arrive for the convention in Minneapolis. Robert's Rules provides common rules and procedures for deliberation and debate at the convention.

A Complete Description of NATCA Convention History.

Now is a great time for NATCA  members and convention delegates to brush up on NATCA history and facts! NATCA 101 covers all of the important events and milestones in NATCA's 29-year history.